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The Well Life Podcast

“…last night I couldn’t sleep and went to your Facebook page to find the podcast from Monday that I had missed. I decided to also listen to the other episodes that you have. They were all so awesome. It’s like for years I’ve had no one to talk to and hearing you felt like I had a sister girlfriend talking directly to me. It was like renewed strength. I’m thankful that I crossed your path. Keep leading us!” - Angela

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

— Kofi Annan


SoCal Health Expo


“Mrs. Moore provided our delegates a lecture on hormone health. Over 150 women received engaging information that provided us with great feedback on how much they enjoyed Mrs. Moore. You can feel her passion in the way that she delivers her material. Mrs. Moore has been invited back to join us another year”. - Founder Deon Champion


Essence Festival-All White Glambitious Brunch


“Mrs. Moore is a phenomenal speaker, so much passion and information. She spoke to us about the business of collaboration and how to maintain our health as business women. I spoke with her after the brunch and appreciated her taking the time to share more wisdom with me”. — Brunch Attendee

“Oh my goodness this woman was amazing! The way she spits out information and knowledge is like powerful ammunition. I learned so much from her, took my notes and asked my questions. I walked away feeling full and empowered.”

— Brunch Attendee




“Update from my WWE: I had gone 1 full year without a menstrual cycle. Surprisingly it came the week before my WWE appointment so my OB GYN said that my clock restarts. Yea! I am no longer considered entering into early menopause. Since I’ve been on your protocols I have more energy and less menopausal symptoms. I have experienced improvement in my libido. Thank you for everything!” -San

“LaShanna, thank you for every Wednesday Wellness Newsletters. I can now enjoy a good night sleep and less anxiety. I starting to change some of my bad eating habits. Thank you so much for all of the great information.”- Zelma

“Mrs. Moore counsels me with integrity and care. I don’t feel like a mad woman or just another name on her roster. She’s kind, resourceful, patient and has a way of making me forget that I’m in an office setting. Getting counseling from her feels more like talking to a good friend who has unlimited wisdom and knowledge. I committed my 2019 to emotional healing and setting the restart button and Mrs. Moore is a big part of this journey for me. I am so blessed and so thankful for her”. -Dianne

I’ve had a myomectomy twice with no luck. I felt great for awhile and had no more pain or heavy bleeding. About 9 months later my Dr told me that I had new fibroids. I will spare you the details of how fumed and angry I was. I decided that this time I was going to do something different, try another route. In my consultation with LaShanna I was very reluctant. I listened with an attitude. I noticed she was still kind and assuring. She designed a wellness plan for me to follow for 3 months and we had followups monthly. She told me that myomectomies didn’t necessarily promise that fibroids wouldn’t return and that it was necessary to have a prevention plan in place. After about 6 weeks I begin to notice a change in my period. My bleeding wasn’t as heavy and the cramping wasn’t happening as often. Thankfully I went to her in time so I could gain control of the growth of my fibroids. My Dr. just said to me, well whatever you’re doing keep doing it because your tumors are shrinking. I could not believe it. So many people don’t understand what we go through in our female area and to be given some hope and feel a change meant the world to me. LaShanna I thank you. I am continuing on with this plan and making it a part of my new lifestyle.” -Dezarae