What is Wellness?

Wellness is a state of mind, a state of being. Wellness by simple definition is “the total state of you”. I challenge you to think well-being; your well span not necessarily a life span. Why? Because you can live long but not live well. The goal is to live well. Wellness is not about trending foods or being socially acceptable its about nurturing your body, mind, soul & life in a way that brings you internal stability/peace. When that happens you experience the health, wealth and abundant life that we aspire to teach.

Peace of Mind

Healthy Mobile Body

Healthy Relationships

The Freedom to be Yourself

The Freedom to live your Purpose


Physical Wellness

What is the relationship you have with your body?


How you treat it

How well you understand it

What it needs in lieu of an ailment/diagnosis

Realize that it is important for us to be mobile.

What you don’t use you lose. What you lose can convert into pain after extended atrophy/restriction sets in.

Joint mobility is important

Blood circulation is important

Flexibility is important

Muscle mass is important

A declining body does not have to linked to age.

Age doesn’t necessarily dictate physical decline; the quality of life does.

In LLM LLC we encourage you to think well span vs. life span.

Spiritual Wellness

What is the relationship with your spirit?


Our spirit is our core navigator

Our spirit keeps us settled and sound

Our spirit speaks into the affairs of our lives

In LLM LLC we believe in the Holy Spirit and that this spirit leads & guides us.

Having Spiritual Wellness is essential so that you can remain steady, steadfast, sure, assured and secured.

You cannot run through life on knowledge and adrenaline; there must be a greater Source that keeps you balanced and sound.

Where do you draw from?

What do you draw from?

Do you feed your spirit the most? That which we feed grows. That which we starve dies.


Mental Wellness

How is your relationship with your mind?

What is your thought life like?

Mental Wellness promotes healthy thinking that leads to a healthy repetition of beliefs. Behavior is affected by thought and ultimately so is your well-being.

We also believe that it is important to be aware of genetic and circumstantial triggers that can threaten a healthy mind.

Mental Wellness can range from anxiety to paranoia schizophrenia. The health of your mind requires a combination of healthy thinking, nutrition, biochemical balances, a healthy neurological system and alternative support if/when needed (therapy, counseling…)

Social & Intellectual Wellness

There is a quote that says, “you are the sum total of those you hang around”. Social Wellness involves the people and environment around you.

We are capsules of energy; we can transfer it and receive it. It is necessary to be circumspect and wise when you consider your circle of people, associates, friends, partners and anyone you share space with.

Environment is also important because our bodies are susceptible to so much. In as much as can be controlled protect yourselves from too much toxic exposure.

Intellectual Wellness involves your contribution and participation in life; to society, community and etc…

It also encourages continual education. We believe that it is advantageous to remain a student of life; improving yourself and perfecting any crafts that you have. Life doesn’t have to be a constant strive of pursuits but it should definitely remain an enriching experience.