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Healing is rarely as it seems. For each person it looks different, requires something different, feels different. Healing, true healing, is a measure of its own because the authenticity of it contradicts the desire of a world that wants everything now. Healing cannot be found in a pill, a trend, an infomercial or a one-time formula.

To heal is to accept a style of life that challenges your mind, body, soul, spirit, psyche, idea and behavior. If you want that kind of healing you work at it; daily, weekly, monthly. If you aren’t willing to pursue that kind of healing you gradually return back to what is learned and immediate.

God has made healing available to us in so many forms yet daily ignore the invitation to heal. Maybe for some it doesn’t look attractive enough. For others it’s the mental fight of what was once taught vs. what now has to be embraced as new.

From the person with cancer to the person with the common cold. From the person with anxiety to the person dealing with bipolar disorder; healing all boils down to the challenge of what I mentioned above (To heal is to accept a style of life that challenges your mind, body, soul, spirit, psyche, idea and behavior.)

Believe it or not, this is what reclaiming your life looks like. Are you willing to establish that kind of life?

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Food is a complex phenomenon; a necessity that either becomes an enjoyment or an enforcer.

What is your very first memory of food? This most likely shaped your relationship with food; the way you make choices and the way you perceive food in your world.

For some food is not nutrition it is survival. For others food is an escape, a mindless activity, an exquisite experience or a militant teacher.

The fact is that food should be nutrition. Nutrition is that which nourishes us, treats us, heals us and satisfies us with a beautiful balance.

We live in a society that is label-driven and displays nutrition in a hierarchy form. The reality is that nutrition cannot be stamped as a one-dimensional experience. Your eating style is your choice by moral, religious, medical or leisure design. It cannot be shoved as a definite regimen for all but must be shared as a diverse delight for all. What works for one may not work for another. What is desired by one may not be desired by another.

Nutrition is bio-individual. It requires knowing what is needed for you. That can be accomplished through the assistance of one who is specialized in science and nutrition, but it must also come through your learning of yourself. That requires you listening to your body, testing, trial and error and allowing space for growth and change as you continue to live and mature in age.

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Author of “The SHE Warrior’s PCOS Food Guide” “Failure to Launch” and “Preparing to Launch”

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